Modern Amusement

About the Brand

Modern Amusement is the brand for someone who appreciates great fashion, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

The Modern Amusement customer is effortlessly iconic, sometimes mischievous, always empowered, timelessly stylish, and forever eclectic. They are old enough to have a global perspective, but still young enough to get away with almost anything.

Modern Amusement is defined by dynamic color usage, graphic energy and an irreverent sense of humor. It is playful, but it still has a bit of an edge. It has a casual west coast preppy vibe with a modern twist. The designers and artists that create the line offer beautifully constructed wearable pieces in top quality materials with elements that will surprise and delight.

Brand Position:

Mens 18-35
Clean, relaxed and comfortable – qualities inherent to our California birthright

  • Available at better specialty stores and PacSun
  • Categories include men’s apparel, outerwear, swimwear and accessories
  • Lifestyle categories include apparel, fragrance, footwear, head wear, eyewear, luggage and underwear

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