Joe Boxer

About the Brand

Joe Boxer was founded twenty years ago with the very simple idea of taking the most basic elements of men’s clothing and remaking it to reflect humor, fashion, and popular trends. Because the product is based around the idea of having fun, it gives consumers a chance to feel identify with and be a part of the brand. Joe Boxer has expanded into women and kids clothing and has grown way beyond its origins in underwear and spread into other merchandise such as accessories, home, products for bed, bath, office, recreation, and sports products. Today, Joe Boxer, sold exclusively at Kmart and Sears, is a true lifestyle brand providing contagious entertaining fun for your family and friends.

Brand Positioning:
Men, Women and Kids, ages 6-60
Lifestyle brand for anyone with a sense of humor

  • Available in Europe, Israel, Korea, North America, South America and SE Asia
  • 25+ product categories including underwear, swimwear, footwear and novelties
  • 90% brand awareness

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